Book Review: Find Virgil by Frank Freudberg



Find Virgil by Frank Freudberg

Published November 2013

Pages: 356

Genre: Thriller

Goodreads Synopsis: Second-hand smoke gave Martin Muntor lung cancer … and he’s mad. Very mad. And he’s going to do something about it. 

It’s 1995, and the tobacco industry thinks it’s invincible. But is it? Muntor devises an ingenious strategy to put Big Tobacco out of business, and he doesn’t care how many people he has to take with him in order to do it.

Down-on-his-luck cigarette company investigator Tommy Rhoads has other ideas, though. Both Muntor and Rhoads are smart, resourceful, and motivated — and neither one has anything to lose. They’re full speed ahead and on a collision course to a showdown you won’t forget. 

Read Find Virgil now, and go along for the wild ride.

My Review: Find Virgil is a story of revenge. Muntor is going to make the tobacco companies suffer because he was diagnosed with lung cancer strictly from inhaling secondhand smoke.  

For me, this book had moments where I was interested and hooked, and it had moments where it felt dry and hard to get through. Some parts felt a little too technical and hard to stick with. I enjoyed the intense Virgil scenes. I like the action and the revenge.

I enjoyed the character of Muntor. His suffering, desire for revenge, and  illness leaped from the pages and felt genuine. The character depth was apparent. However, I felt the other characters of the book, excluding TR, lacked depth. I unfortunately didn’t feel anything from those characters.

 I did thoroughly enjoy the ending of the book. Part Three of the book exploded with intensity. I was looking forward to that feeling throughout the book and when it finally arrived, it was incredible! It was a great ending. A true thriller ending. Grand Finale indeed!


3/5 Blades to Find Virgil by Frank Freudberg