Feature & Follow Friday



This is a blog hop to find, meet, and follow new blogs hosted by Parajunkee andAlison Can Read. Bloglovin is the best way to follow me!

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This week’s question: Resolutions: Put together your blogger resolutions list for all of us to see. 

  • Update. I would like to both blog and update social media websites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Etc.) more often. 
  • Meet, follow, and friend more bloggers! Feature & Follow Friday will be my first step in following through with that resolution. 
  • Improve Netgalley Score. I’ve got to work to raise my Netgalley score. I’m fairly new, and have to work hard this year to raise the percentage.
  • Engage. I would love to see more fan participation on the Redhead Reader Facebook page.

12 thoughts on “Feature & Follow Friday

    • Hi Becca! You listed reading books of your TBR list, and that’s an amazing one! I definitely have that problem. I followed you on bloglovin, instagram, and friended you on Goodreads. Thanks and great to meet you, Becca!

  1. I have met several bloggers over the years though #FF. So this is a great way to meet new bloggers. Sometimes the only way to even find new bloggers is through hops.

  2. I always have to remind myself to go back to my FB page and put my links to my blog. I’m with ya on that one! I enjoy reading other blogs and seeing what they got, read, or reviewed for the week. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a new bloglovin’ follower!

  3. Great resolutions! I have very similar ones, except for the Netgalley ratio one. I love getting free books, but I fail when it comes maintaing a ratio on Netgalley so I’m not going to order any more books through them until I have a lot more read. I have a feeling that’ll take longer than a year 🙂

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