Dear Crossing by Marjorie Swift Doering



Dear Crossing by Marjorie Swift Doering

Self-Published: April 8th, 2012

Pages: 277

Summary: The gruesome murder of a Minneapolis woman at her lakeside summer home shatters the peace of small town Widmer, Minnesota. Ray Schiller, a man with private demons of his own, follows the trail of evidence to Minneapolis where he teams up to investigate the murder with Homicide Detective, Dick Waverly. The scrutiny of the widower’s carefully guarded personal life threatens to ruin the executive’s bid for his father-in-law’s company. Ambition, greed, love and hate result in startling consequences, which threaten to stall the investigation while an unthinkable incident makes Ray the focus of a harrowing Internal Affairs investigation. His shaky marriage and law-enforcement career rest in the balanace. Meanwhile, Ray discovers the significance of several seemingly unrelated events, which turn the murder case on its head.

My Thoughts: If this book could be classified as only one genre, it would definitely be Mystery. It started off with the one big who-did-it question, but so much happened in the book, and I had so many questions! 

The story felt a bit slow to get going, but stick with it, because it climbs into a good story. Usually when I read a mystery, I get a pretty good idea of who the culprit is, but this story had me guessing until the very end.  If you guess who it is halfway through the book, it just doesn’t seem fun, so I liked the unpredictability of this story.

There were times throughout the story that I had to stop and say, “Whoa. What?”.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just some of the story line seemed a bit far fetched.   

I would recommend this book to you if you like mysteries. I enjoyed it and I hope you will too. Dear Crossing ended with a cliff hanger, so I’m very eager to start reading the second of the series, Shadow Tag.

Goodreads Rating: 3/5.

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