The Clearing by Dan Newman



The Clearing by Dan Newman

Published: October 29th 2013 by Exhibit A

Pages: 312

Summary: Ever have a traumatic experience as a child? Nate has and it’s the nightmare that has stuck with him. In 1976, four boys walked in to the jungle and only three walked out. Thirty years later, the truth is finally coming out. 

My Thoughts: This is not a book you want to miss out on! You’ll be hooked from the very first line! 

The moment you start reading, you are right there with those boys in the jungle and it is intense. It’s quite an intriguing story and that alone will hook you. I certainly was hooked and so eager to learn how this would play out. 

The characters feel so genuine! They feel like people more than characters. I liked Nate the best and was glad the story followed him.

This book will keep you guessing! The majority of this book, I couldn’t figure out where it was going. I thought it was this, and then that, and then I would be completely thrown. It was such a joyous ride. Towards the end, there is one little clue that gave it away. Don’t fret though, it doesn’t take away from the intrigue!

I don’t want to say much because I don’t want to chance spoiling anything. I recommend to fans of thriller and mystery genres! It certainly has made my Top 10 Best Books of 2013, which I’ll post at the end of December. Read this book, you will not be sorry!

Goodreads Rating: 5/5


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